Advertising & Promotion

Our media plans and buys are based on a strong foundation of research and technical skills and qualitatively molded into an effective package by experienced professionals.

Our print Advertising and communications encompass all the important newspapers and magazines and for electronic media campaigns we cover all the TV and Radio stations in the country. Our cross-platform advertising and integrated communications programs are the most cost-effective and competitive.

Advertising & Promotion
Media buying Radio and TV
Image and positioning Media Planning
Magazine and Newspaper Billboards and transit
Direct mail campaigns Sales promotion
Fax Broadcast Video Production
Corporate Videos Training videos
Industry videos Music videos

This is an age of smart consumer with more choices. Advertising needs to be more creative

Advertising needs to be an artistic product it itself…

We believe in this

We don’t believe in repeating what’s already been done. We believe in advertising that is INNOVATIVE, advertising that has a PUROPSE.

Internet Advertising

We offer everything your business needs to build an Internet presence. We strive to offer valuable audiences and innovative technology solutions designed to maximize revenue opportunities and increase advertising operations efficiency. Our relevant and practical marketing and technology solutions are designed to meet your individual business needs.

We will help you plan and implement an advertising campaign of any scale and budget with high efficiency. We will evaluate the marketing options available that are most beneficial to your company and develop a smart online advertising plan customized to your needs.

Internet Advertising
Website design and development Submission forms
E-mail broadcasting Site promotions and registrations
Web video commercials Search engines registrations
Banner ads Search engines optimization
Interactive Flash movie presentations Content development
Events calendars Site statistical analysis
Domain name registration Host sourcing Database driven sites

Multimedia Presentations

ADS covers a variety of marketing options that will get your company noticed and increase online sales conversions.

We do not believe that internet business should take several years to attain profitability. There should be quick and decisive progress.

Working with us on a solid and permanent basis will not only save you money but also your energy and time.