Corporate & Product Identity

We manage cross-platform advertising and integrated communications programs for a diverse group of clients, including Federal and Semi Government autonomous bodies, corporations and some of the nation’s leading companies.

By identifying our clients’ strengths and highlighting them in the right way; by Selection of right media, we always aim to make our clients’ corporate identity come shining through.

At ADS, we bring brands to life. Our people have experience of working on some of the major national, regional and local brands. When our client wins, we win.

Our creative team fully immerse themselves in our clients’ vision and our research and strategic development personnel are the strength behind our effective marketing solutions. At ADS, there is only one way we like to see our accomplishments measured i.e., by the business building results.

Corporate & Product Identity
Strategy development Campaign planning
Branding and creative Product position

Over the years, we have worked with a large number of government organizations delivering corporate campaigns, product campaigns, public service campaigns as well as a vast array of design and print jobs.

Recruitment is a key corporate activity. Recruitment advertising requires special skills and fast response time, most importantly; the right people must be motivated to respond. And we have the skills to deliver this.

The objective of social advertising is to change public attitude and behavior and stimulate position social change. Our approach is to try and understand human motivation, not just distribute campaign material.